Physician Offices

Who We Are

Medciphers is a multiservice provider that integrates physician services with long-term in-home care alternatives. We work with our physician partners to keep their patients living at home and out of inpatient facilities.

Our programs ensure that the physician remains the primary gatekeeper for patients as long as possible, often two to five years longer than for patients who do not have homecare services. We incorporate translation and non-emergency transportation services in our programs to accommodate all patients regardless of financial or cultural constraints.

Medciphers Advantages

Patient Retention

Patients without proper in-home care services experience much higher rates of ER usage, hospitalizations, and admissions to long-term care facilities.

Medciphers Solution
By integrating with Medciphers programs, patients will be able to remain with your practice for as long as possible. This allows you to maintain your current revenue, which is the most efficient way to safeguard practice revenues. 

Maximize Profits

Missed appointments, emergency visits, and inpatient admissions are common obstacles to maximizing practice profitability.

Medciphers Solution
Medciphers programs integrate office visits, in-home care, and transportation to ensure the maximum amount of revenue retention for your business. We also help you build a strong reputation in non-English speaking communities, which can develop new patient business.

Quality Patient Care

Patients without an adequate homecare program are often not receiving the best continuum of care.

Medciphers Solution
Patients receiving Medciphers services maintain strong relationships with their physicians and can remain at home, where they are safe, secure and independent. These factors help them lead the happiest, healthiest lifestyle possible.

Language Services

Physician offices have limited time and resources, and non-English speaking patients take up a disproportionately large amount of each.

Medciphers Solution
All of Medciphers programs are available in other languages, ensuring that we can assist your practice in taking care of non-English speaking patients.