Home health agencies

Who We Are

Medciphers is an American, English speaking company that has developed proprietary language programs to assist home health agencies better serve their Non-English speaking patients.

Medciphers "case manage by language" programs will drive patient revenues, increase efficiencies, and improve patient satisfaction. Medciphers programs ensure that your agency will maximize therapy and speciality revenues without spending additional resources on language-based challenges.

Medciphers Advantages

Existing Business

Referrals for non-English speaking patients require significantly more time and resources from HHAs, reducing efficiency and profitability.

We eliminate language-based barriers, maximizing profit and efficiency without corresponding increases in cost to the HHA.

New Revenues

Language is the primary driver in making healthcare decisions for non-English speaking patients. As a result, they often refuse prescribed home health services.

Medciphers Solution
Medciphers' ability to integrate language solutions into your operations opens the door for significant revenue growth from underserved non-English speaking communities.

Patient Care

Home health financial and medical outcomes for non-English speaking patients are consistently lower than those of their English speaking counterparts.

Medciphers Solution
Medciphers' comprehensive approach enhances the entire patient care continuum, from admissions to discharge. Overall we aim to improve delivery of care and customer satisfaction.

Referall Source Satisfaction

HHA referral sources, such as hospitals, physician offices, and case managers, struggle to place non-English speaking patients with post-discharge care providers.

Medciphers Solution
Medciphers partners with home health agencies to create core competencies in servicing non-English speaking patients. Partner HHAs are able to then market this specialty, increasing referrals and customer satisfaction.