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Who We Are

MedCiphers is an American, English speaking company that has developed proprietary language programs to assist hospitals and healthcare systems solve the problems of language and cultural barriers.

MedCiphers programs will drive patient revenues, increase efficiencies, and improve patient satisfaction. These programs are designed to replace existing expenditures, ensuring that benefits are achieved without increasing costs.

Medciphers Advantages

Patient Outcomes

Language and cultural barriers usually result in higher costs and lower quality of care for non-English speaking patients.

Medciphers Solution
Our language-based case management programs integrate with healthcare systems to ensure that non-English speaking patients have the same quality financial and medical outcomes as English speaking patients. 


Non-English speaking patients will only go to specific hospitals for preventative and non-emergency care needs or forego their care entirely.

Medciphers Solution
Organizations partnered with MedCiphers will develop core competencies in caring for non-English speaking patients, increasing patient admissions and system revenues.


Non-English speaking patients often do not follow post-discharge care plans, leading to readmission rates 5-7 times higher than that of their English speaking counterparts.

Medciphers Solution
Our comprehensive approach ensures that these patients follow discharge care plans, significantly reducing the reimbursement impacts created by readmissions for the same diagnosis.

Er Utilization

Non-English speaking communities typically access healthcare only through their PCP or local ER, resulting in non-emergency ER visits.

Medciphers Solution
Our case management and education programs drastically reduce unnecessary and non-emergency ER procedures, greatly increasing the efficiency of ER departments.